Tumbled Kambaba Jasper
Tumbled Kambaba Jasper

Tumbled Kambaba Jasper

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Tumbled Kambaba Jasper

Includes 1 tumbled 

"I am free from worry, negative thoughts do not belong here anymore"

Kambaba Jasper is known to soothe troubled minds and to restore the vital balance between the body and spirit. It is s a stone of peace and tranquillity, it comforts and protects. It helps you to focus on whatever situation is happening now. It can help to release negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that plague one's mind. It is a talisman of physical growth and strength, and safety in travel. The black areas within Kambaba Jasper deepen our connection to the physical, natural world. It brings power and strength, relieving fears specifically associated with the physical existence here on Earth. The green energy of Kambaba Jasper is associated with the Heart Chakra, located near the centre of the breastbone. Green crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly. The Kambaba Jasper is one of the most exotic forms for Jasper.