Clear Quartz Point
Clear Quartz Point

Clear Quartz Point

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Clear Quartz Point ideal for grids or jewelry making.

Includes 1 point 

"I am clear. I am focused. I am cleansed and amplified"

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer.  The most powerful healer & amplifier, excellent for blockages.  Works on all levels of self.  Aids memory, excellent to program & store information.  Energizes thoughts & activates your chakras.  It amplifies the energy level of any other gemstone it touches, making it an ideal crystal to use with others.  It is said to increase spiritual wisdom.  Promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity.  Believed to increase wisdom and insight.  Program them to hold your intention.

Crystal energy generators help in amplifying the power of your manifestation with the help of higher strengths from ordinary crystals. They can be used to charge or program your jewelry just by touching it.

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