Bahia Amethyst Point
Bahia Amethyst Point

Bahia Amethyst Point

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Raw Amethyst Point Crystals

"I am tranquil, intuitive, rid of negative vibes, and spiritually connected"

Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is known to be a balancing and clearing stone. It helps facilitate the transmission of lower frequency into higher energies, opening up the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras — perfect for meditation and enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic ability. 

It initiates wisdom and greater understanding, and is a stone of comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Amethyst's ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one's creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success.