Sodalite Generator Necklace
Sodalite Generator Necklace
Sodalite Generator Necklace

Sodalite Generator Necklace

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Double terminated Generator

20'' silver plated small ringed necklace

"I intuitively understand the nature of things"

Sodalite is helpful for work in groups & stimulates thought.  Good for group work, bringing harmony & solidarity of purpose.  Stimulates trust & inter-dependence.  Eliminates mental confusion, calming the mind, allowing old mental conditioning to go & leaving space for new insights.  Calms panic attacks releases negative emotions of guilt, fear & control issues.  Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in communication.  It is a stone of truth and brings this to all communications.  It increases intelligence, knowledge & learning.  Unites logic with intuition.  Stimulates pineal gland & third eye.  Installs a drive for truth so you can remain true to self.  It cleans electromagnetic pollution caused by computers etc. 

Crystal energy generators help in amplifying the power of your manifestation with the help of higher strengths from ordinary crystals. They can be used to charge or program your jewelry just by touching it.

Double Terminated Points are able to transmit and receive energy from both terminations and represent balance and remind us of the need to both give and take. Double Terminated Points can be used to facilitate deep meditation states, vivid dream states and expand conscious awareness.

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