Opalite Mermaid On The Moon
Opalite Mermaid On The Moon

Opalite Mermaid On The Moon

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Opalite Mermaid on the Moon standing statue captures the majesticness of a mermaids mysteries and harnesses the power of the moon

“I am healing”

Opalite is a soft, subtle and dynamic stone with the iridescence of rainbow colouring, white and creamy.  It is man-made glass infused with metal to create an opalescence look.  Opalite is a higher energy stone which helps to improve communications on all levels of your life, including spiritually.  Opalite is a stone of transformation, will assist you in transitioning in different areas which need clarity & acceptance.  Opalite gives you strength & helps unblock hidden feelings.  It is ideal for meditation.  It helps to remove a blockage in your chakras & stabilizes mood swings.

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